Shaping Up in May

It’s official. We have arrived at my
Whoo, best month of the year!

Shaping Up in May

In this, my birth month, I have some lofty goals that I will be working toward.

Before I go on, remember my April challenge? Well, I think I did an okay job. The challenge was to get up at 6am and work out for at least 30 minutes. Out of a possible 25 days, I completed the challenge on 14 of those days. I definitely could have done better, but I’m happy with what I did. Plus, that’s not including workouts that took place on days when I didn’t get up at 6am.


In the month of May I have some goals for my blog. I would like to reach 100 GFC followers, 100 Facebook “likes,” and 100 Hellocotton followers. I just need 12 more on Facebook, and 14 more on GFC to get there, and I have some guest posts/giveaways lined up for this month, so I think it’s doable!

Shaping Up in May
I am also reading and trying to finish the book Jesus The ChristShaping Up in May, which is one of my 30 before 30 goals! I have been reading the Dresden Files SeriesShaping Up in May Shaping Up in Mayby Jim Butcher, which I got hooked on after reading out loud to my husband while he drove. But I’ve decided that I’m not going to continue with the series until I finish Jesus The Christ first! It is a long, 700+ page book, but I’m about halfway through already.

And lastly, a fitness goal. I have been seriously struggling with finding motivation, because we are going to start trying for a baby VERY soon. It’s really hard to try to lose weight when I know that soon enough I will be gaining it! Okay now that sounds like very good motivation!

Shaping Up in May

Anyway, I’m only about 5 pounds away from my starting weight when I got pregnant with Vanessa, so that is my goal for the first half of May. Just 5 pounds. That’s doable, RIGHT?! Then, worst case scenario, I’m in the same position I was with my last pregnancy. But then, any pound I lose after that 5 will just put me in a better and better place.

I have two built-in cheat days: my mom is taking me out to dinner on May 17th, and my husband is taking me out on my birthday (the 23rd), so I basically have no excuses to not eat well on the other days!

I begin my half marathon training on June 18th (race is on August 25th, and yes it’s possible I will be pregnant at that time, and yes if I am I will be wearing a shirt that says Baby on Board), but I know that all the running won’t mean much if I don’t watch what I eat, so I will be doing my best to eat low-carb!

It’s a new month! How do you want to be different by the end of it?!
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Shaping Up in MayShaping Up in MayShaping Up in MayShaping Up in MayShaping Up in MayShaping Up in MayShaping Up in May


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    I’m doing my 1st half marathon in September!!!!! Yay!! Good luck girl!! I am ALL for motivating each other. maybe I should blog about my training? Hm…

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