Shaping Up In April

This has been a hard week, you guys, and it’s still only Thursday morning!

My daily schedule this week has been up at 6:15, out by 6:45 (on two days also getting the kids up and out and dropped off at a friend’s house for the day), teach all day 7:15-2:15, pick up the kids, then home with the kids by myself all night, while trying to work as many hours at my second job as possible (from home). At night I can’t sleep because I have a serious condition called pregnancy.

(And here is where I was going to insert a cute pregnancy meme, but they are all inappropriate and negative! Find or make me a positive, cute pregnancy meme, and you win a prize. Not joking.)

So I come to you this morning exhausted and spent, with two days left to go before the blessed weekend arrives. But when it does, I will have completed three weeks of teaching Biology, with four weeks left to go. #lordbeermestrength

So let’s talk about goals, shall we?

Goals from March:

1. finish reading Jesus The Christ- getting there
I have 86 pages to go. Hey some progress is still progress right? The good news is that I’m learning a lot from reading it, and although it’s like reading a history textbook at times, I’m enjoying it.

2. hit 1200 GFC followers- getting there
I’m at 1168, so I got close! Turns out I was thinking just a little too big. I think I will get there in April, but with the uncertain future of GFC, who knows if it will all matter in a few months anyway! Follow me via Bloglovin!

3. get prepared to teach- sure!
I got as prepared as I could I guess! I haven’t run into any major problems so far. Next week will hopefully be a little easier, with three days of testing going on and shorter classes. 20 (school) days to go after today!

4. secret goal :)- getting there
My secret goal wasn’t something I could finish in March, but I got a good start on it.
Well…March was kind of a fail! Most of these goals are getting rolled over into April.

April’s Goals:
1. finish reading Jesus The Christ
2. hit 1200 GFC followers
3. secret goal :)
4. survive teaching Biology
5. weed our backyard
6. learn some things at Bloggy Boot Camp and implement them into my blog
7. make a list of all the things I want for the new baby (got to have a fun one, right?!)

What are your baby must-haves? After having a boy and a girl, we have most things that we need, so this time around I’m getting fun things!
What are your goals this month? Good luck with whatever you want to accomplish!

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