Shakin’ and Makin’ Butter

This article is sponsored by BabbaCo by Jessica Kim.

I recently posted about the BabbaBox, and their Summer Survival activity packs for kids. Well, I’ve been checking out their blog recently and found a fun activity to try with my kiddos- making our own butter!

If you know me, you know I’m not a crafter, and I’m not a cook! What attracted me to this activity was the fact that it required exactly two things: heavy cream and a jar.

And it requires exactly two steps: pour…

…and SHAKE!


Oh, and then you eat! The butter was delicious on our toast (which we had in our pjs at 9pm)!

For lots more fun activity ideas, check out the BabbaBox! In case you missed my first post, here is the information about the Summer Survival Packs.

There are several options for participating in the BabbaBox Summer Survival Pack:

•Digital ($41.97)
•BabbaBox ($56.97)
•Premium Summer Survival Pack ($119.97)- includes extra activities and materials!

Use the coupon code “SURVIVE” at checkout to save 10% on any Summer Survival Pack, or sign up for their newsletter to unlock a coupon for 15% off!

Here are the monthly themes:

June: Deep Sea
July: Camouflage Animals
August: Pirate Treasure

So fun!

Check it out, and have fun this summer!

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