Have an Avocado at Denny’s

This month at Denny’s it’s all about avocados! We stopped by last week to check out their Monthly Features menu and to have a delicious family meal. I am so excited to be part of the Denny’s Diners ambassador program, so over the next 6 months, I’ll be sharing some of the latest dishes and promotions at Denny’s.


What is the ambassador program? Well I’m glad you asked! Denny’s has selected 5 bloggers in 4 cities (total of 20 bloggers) to help spread the word about¬†their new menu offerings, charitable partnerships, and regional promotions. In addition, we’ll be sharing with them our opinions on how to make Denny’s even better, so if you have any thoughts, feel free to leave a comment. Your words will make it back to the corporation! (*cough cough bring back the buffalo chicken sandwich cough*)

kids-at-dennysAny place that serves grapes is okay with Vanessa! She’s a fruit fiend!

Denny’s sent us a fun ambassador kit filled with goodies, and the kids and I had a fun time unpacking it!


Among all the fun goodies was a gift card, and (I’m not exaggerating) less than 5 minutes later we were in the car, headed for the nearest Denny’s!


We brought along a National Geographic book of weird-but-true facts, from our ambassador kit, to read while we waited for our food. Did you know that you can make diamonds from peanut butter? Man, with all the peanut butter we go through, I could be a very rich woman!


Denny’s has a monthly features menu, and June is all about the avocado! Some of the dishes include: Avocado BLT, Avocado Bacon Omelette, and Avocado Santa Fe Skillet.

Monthly Features Menu_Outside

Another June special is the Build Your Own French Toast, which was so very tempting!

Monthly Features Menu_Inside

I got the Avocado BLT, and it was so delicious!


In my opinion, Denny’s has one of the best kids’ menus out there, with fantastic options for side dishes. You can get fruit, veggies, fries, goldfish, and more! Vanessa always chooses the grapes, and Carter always chooses the broccoli. Hooray for kids who eat healthier than their mom!

Meanwhile, Harry chowed down on one of Vanessa’s pancakes and some goldfish!



Hungry yet? Well I’m happy to tell you that all the dishes I mentioned are available nationwide, until the end of June! And then in July they will announce a new monthly features menu. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for July, and I’m sure we’ll be stopping by to try it out!

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