I’ve never done one of these “currently” posts, but I think that would be the best way to get in a post this week and update you all on everything!

oh hai, toes!
Earlier this year I started watching old seasons of Survivor. Actually let me be clear. I started with Season One, Episode One, and I’ve been watching them all in order. I’m up to Season 13, Episode 8. I’m also keeping up to date with The Bachelorette, because clearly I don’t value my free time?

fashion favorites:
Oh wow. NOTHING! 38.5 weeks pregnant, and nothing fits, it’s impossible to look cute, and I’m not trying anymore. I “try” not to leave the house.

wishing for:
The next 5 days to fly by. Baby will be joining us on Thursday, the 27th!

listening to: 
This. A few Valentine’s Days ago, I woke up to this track in my inbox. It’s my husband, singing, playing, and basically being amazing. Listening to this song has been calming for me when I can’t get comfortable and relax (so all the time).

Very little. But drinking a LOT (of water, juice, soda…). There just isn’t any room in there anymore to hold anything of substance!

can’t wait for:
The baby to come, obviously, but also the 1st of July, because that’s when we will get the keys to our new house! 9 more days!

Maine. Wish we could visit this summer, but we have plans for 2014!

Coca-cola. Like it’s my job.

Spending time with my family this summer. The movie theatre in town has kids’ movies every weekday morning, and yesterday we went to see Madagascar 3. Carter loved it, and Vanessa did good too, except she insisted on sitting on me the entire time.

We did not tell both children to stick out their tongues…bonus?

not loving:
How I feel today. Yesterday we spent the whole day cleaning and doing housework to prepare for a potential renter to see it today. Then I didn’t sleep all night. Today I feel terrible. I’ve already had four baths, and I expect to have one or two more before the day ends. It’s the only thing that partially reduces the discomfort! Good news? Looks like she wants to rent it, so we probably won’t have to deal with more showings, and we got complimented on how we’ve maintained the house!

Vanessa playing with the new baby’s bassinet. She’s filling it with toys.

Of how I’m going to organize and decorate our new home. Can’t wait to get in there (see “can’t wait for”)!

Wish me luck getting through the next five days. I think I’m going to need it!

Once upon a time, he sang that song to me twice a day. ;)

What are you doing…currently?

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  1. says

    I love your “currently” post, especially the picture of your toes! lol. You are getting so close and can’t wait to see your post about welcoming baby!

    Found you on the Blog Hop and now a new follower!

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