30 Before 30: #6

#6. Have Another Baby

30 Before 30: #6
Full birth story coming soon, but for now I just thought I’d let you all know that everything went wonderfully, and we are back at home, loving our new little man!
30 Before 30: #6
Harrison Gerald Tenney
Born June 27th, 6:02pm
8 pounds, 7 ounces, 20 3/4 inches
The night before we went into the hospital, we got an email from our new landlord saying that our new house was ready for us, so we rushed on over to check it out for only the second time! Unfortunately it was already dark and the electricity wasn’t on, so we didn’t see much! We went back in the morning before heading to the hospital, and now we are all excited to get moving.
So things are a bit busy over here as we’ll be spending the next two weeks moving and getting used to having three kids! But there are a lot of great things coming soon to a blog near you (cough, cough, this one), including an amazing giveaway for new moms, so stay tuned!
Hope you are all enjoying your summers!
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    Oh how cute he is…Congrats to all of you. Keep us posted and best of luck with the move. All kinds of excitement from y’all. You get some rest though Mommy…you’ve gone through a lot!

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