Small Blog, Big Profit

I’m always very interested in how much money bloggers make, to the point of being nosy, for sure. While other industries have basic standards for pay, blogging is all over the place. In general, the more people you have visiting and reading your blog, the more money you can make. However, some bloggers get massive amounts of traffic but don’t monetize and therefore aren’t making money from their blogs. And some smaller blogs are able to pull in a sizeable income.

Blogging revenue can range from a full-time income to none at all. Some factors include your priorities (do you blog to make money, or is it a nice bonus?), the amount of time you have to spend on blogging, and, to a certain extent, luck!

I always find it helpful and interesting when other bloggers share how they are making their money. It’s a great way for me to compare my own stats and learn new methods of monetization.

2014 was a fortunate year for me, and I decided to share my 2014 income report on my blog about blogging, Shaping Up Your Blog. Click below to read the full post and see all of my stats.

Small Blog, BIG Profit!Make money with your small blog!

I hope the post will help newer bloggers who are just beginning to monetize and are looking for information on how to make money off blog posts and projects. I think seasoned bloggers might learn something, too!

If you are looking for ways to get started making money with your blog right now, check out my Ultimate List of Blogger Networks and sign up to start receiving opportunities in your inbox!

There’s money to be made, so go get it!

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