Thanksgiving and 20 Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you are relaxing today, watching parades and football games, and eating lots of good food with loved ones. Or if you happen to be the people I saw in line at Best Buy yesterday afternoon, good luck grabbing those deals after your 25-hour wait!


It’s the last Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time to review my 20 wishes. And it’s November, so that means I have exactly one month left to finish!

Also I have no idea if I accomplished anything this month, so let’s check it out…

Truly Lovely

1. complete a 5k, a 10k, a half-marathon, and a full marathon- Marathon training is in full swing, and in just two more weeks I’ll be able to cross off the half-marathon goal! The marathon won’t happen until the end of January, but I’m on track to finish it!
2. dip Harrison’s feet in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans
3. get out of debt/save money
4. get all my photos and videos organized and backed up
5. record an album
6. do something fun for my 30th birthday
7. take a class, any class!
8. improve our backyard
9. visit Maine/road trip cross country with my family/take throwback photos with my husband
10. embrace 30
11. attend two  blogging conferences

12. make money from my blog
13. do something that scares meYup
14. overhaul my wardrobe
15. have a mommy and me day with each of my children

16. optimize all blog posts/optimize my site- I’ve been spending hours on some very specific blog goals, developing a pretty great system of how to do things. I’m not finished, but I’m well on my way to getting there. This goal will definitely stretch into the new year. In the meantime, check out Shaping Up Your Blog, as I’ll be posting all of my blogging wisdom over there!
17. find the perfect pair of jeans
18. automate what I can (blog and life)- I have a great start on this, and efficiency is something I will definitely always be pursuing.
19. go on an overnight staycation with Daniel
20. have a 24-hours-of-me day/treat yo self
(21. Do a show)

Do you have any wishes for the end of this year? What’s 2015 looking like?

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