After the Marathon & Oofos Giveaway

I wrote about each week of my 16-week marathon training plan, plus a full recap of the marathon itself. But what happens after the race? You train hard and then run 26.2 miles and then…what?

Marathon Training: After The Race

My training plan came from the book The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer. One chapter is dedicated to each week of training, and then there is chapter 17, which gives some ideas on what to do after the race.

Click to view on Amazon (affiliate link)

Marathon Training Tips: Week 17 (after the race)

Immediately after the race:

  • Get warm if you are cold.
  • Get into clean, dry clothes as soon as possible.
  • Drink water or a sports drink.
  • Take care of any blisters so they do not become infected.
  • Ice any joints that are in discomfort.
  • Take 400mg of Ibuprofen three times a day for the next two days, if necessary.
  • Stretch to relieve muscle soreness.

Later after the race:

  • Take a break from running for at least a few days, and gradually reintroduce it with short distances.
  • Continue to apply the nutrition and exercise tips from previous weeks, to keep in optimal health.
  • Hopefully achieving such a major goal as finishing a marathon has helped you to adopt and physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.
  • You believed in yourself, thought positively, and completed your goal- now apply those attitudes to everything else in your life.

After finishing my marathon, I drank some water and coke, and my husband drove through Burger King, but I wasn’t very hungry. I thought I would be, but I think my body was just ready to relax and didn’t want to think about food!

Once we got home, I hobbled to my bed and lay there for a long time. I thought I would sleep, but I didn’t. I browsed Facebook and watched some TV, and mostly just didn’t move!

I never felt really sick, like I did after running my half-marathon, but I did get pretty sore. It was hard to walk for the next week.

And I haven’t run since then. I finished my marathon over six weeks ago, and I have not been out running at all. I’m sure I will run again. In fact, running such a huge distance has made shorter distances seem super possible. Half marathon? No problem! 5k? Be right back!

I love feeling like I’m capable of such a major feat. Will I do it again? Maybe!

Since we are talking about recovery after a marathon, it’s only fitting that I include a short review and a giveaway(!) of Oofos. What are Oofos? Something that will make you go “Oo!”

Oofos Giveaway

I was sent a pair of Oofos sandals to try out, and the rumors are true. You can’t put them on without saying, “Oooohhh!” The original best-selling shoe is similar to a flip flop, but has a bio engineered footbed that provides cushioning and support that help your feet to recover after a run.

If you’ve ever run a long distance and then walked around, you know that special kind of discomfort! But if you slip your feet into a pair of Oofos after your run, you can walk around with happy feet!


Yes, Oofos are great to wear after a race, but I find myself wearing mine all the time! Going to the store…even just hanging around at home! They are comfy and stylish, and with all the color options, I’m sure I’ll be ordering another pair soon!

One of my lucky readers will be winning their very own pair of Oofos originals! Just enter via the Rafflecopter below, and good luck with your racing, recovery, and anything else you’re up to these days!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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