8-Legged Fun in the Tub

Harrison absolutely loves bathtime, so we were thrilled when Nuby sent us their Octopus floating bath toy for Harry’s birthday.


After opening it, Harry was ready to jump right in the tub and play with his new octopus pal!


The octopus is sturdy and perfect for my little guy’s hands. He can be played with anywhere, but since he’s waterproof and floats, he’s the most fun in the tub!

He comes with three little rings that you can toss and try to get onto his tentacles. My older kids liked playing that game, but Harry just enjoyed taking the rings off and on.


I recently deep cleaned our bathrooms, and I took that opportunity to throw out most of our bath toys. Some of them we’ve had for a long time, and the tub was just getting crowded with all of the toys.

I think it’s a good idea to keep tub toys to just a handful of the ones the kids love the best. That will make clean-up easier, and they can focus on playing with their favorite toys!


My kids love bathtime, but if yours don’t, consider taking them to the store to pick out a new bath toy that is just for bathtime. Chances are they’ll get excited to take a bath!

This is a great toy for younger children, as they enjoy anything that can be handled easily and includes some kind of activity along with it. They are learning coordination, and getting the rings on and off will help them increase their ability.


Looks like the Octopus is here to stay, and I’m going to have some very clean kids! The Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy can be purchased on Amazon and is recommended for ages 18 months and up.

Now go have some good, clean fun!

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