Toasted Banana and Blueberry Pancakes

Layla’s joining us again today (don’t you guys love her?!) with an amazing recipe for Toasted Banana and Blueberry Pancakes! Um, Layla, you WERE going to come visit me this weekend, riiiiight? Okay cool, bring your griddle!


I LOVE sugar breakfast.  Probably because I am a true blue sweet tooth.  And when I was old enough to realize that there was an actual meal dedicated to sweet-toothery??  It became my favorite meal of the day.  I realize that now that I’m actually ‘old’ and need to make ‘responsible’ decisions as a ‘parent’ for my ‘children’… (Okay, now I’m just being a little frivolous with my quote marks, but it is a little fun, right?) I know that I can’t really feed my younglings waffles, french toast, pancakes, cereal, etc., every single day.  But occasionally… like, on weekends… I bust out that waffle iron or griddle and go crazy with a delicious sweet-tooth breakfast.  This time, though, I thought I’d even save you on the extra sugar and make it with extra fruit, just to gain extra ‘Good Mom Points’ (Do those exist?  How many do you have?).

Welcome to the Toasted Banana and Blueberry Pancake… SO very delicious in fact, that when we’re done… we just slather on butter and sprinkle on powdered sugar and don’t even use syrup…Whaa?? Right?? Good Mom Points.

I think that the pancake name I came up with is the most alluring of titles, however, in our family we like to call them “Two Face Pancakes,” because the blueberries only stay on one side and the bananas only stay on the other!  So, it’s like eating 2 totally different pancakes!  How cool is that?



-Basic pancakes recipe
-Cooking spray
-Blueberries (and/or chocolate chips… read on…yuuum…)
-Bananas (great place to use those ones that are quickly ripening up!)
-Whatever delish pancake toppings you use

That’s it!

Here’s where you’ll be surprised how fun this is.

Everyone has a basic pancake recipe, right?  I mean, even my husband has a basic pancake recipe… no offense, hubs.  Even if you just follow the Bisquick recipe on the back of the box, or make your own super healthy recipe with your own hand-ground wheat from the wheat you harvested in your field (whoa… super duper Good Mom Points), most people have their own basic pancake recipe.  That’s great!  That’s 2/3 of the job!  Excellent job, folks!  Don’t stray from it, we’re just going to add to it a bit and turn your basic pancake into spectacular Saturday morning breakfast that will have your entire family singing “hallelujah!”  And… cue music!

To prep you’re going to need lots of blueberries and a few bananas.  It really depends on how many you make.  I always make a double batch of any sugar breakfast meal and stick them in the fridge or freezer and have quick sugar breakfast all week for when my kids are snacky or hungry or I’ve run out of time or patience to make another healthy protein enriched breakfast.  My kids are not in school yet, but this would also be a great grab and go pancake for older kids (or spouses) headed out the door, (especially with the no syrup factor) because it is so full of flavor, not messy and would be delish hot or cold!

Turn your griddle on low to get it started (a large one would get the job done quickly, and btw, if you have a larger family, this is a real life time saver for breakfasts/lunches or dinners).  Crank out your basic pancake batch in either a single or double batch size and let it sit in the bowl.  This is a really good tip for baking a lot of things… letting the batter rest a bit.  Make sure you spray the griddle extra well right before you get started with the bananas! You want to slice the banana into small ½ inch slices right into the peel and lay out little tiny banana flowers (around 5-6 slices each) forming a  circle.


This will be the first ‘face’ of the pancake!  This will also have the awesome trick and technique of caramelization!!  Much like Bananas Foster or any other delish banana dessert…. Yummy.  Once you’re finished making your banana flowers, then give your basic pancake batter one more quick stir to wake it up, crank the griddle to medium high and get ready to pour!  Okay… Here’s the deal.  This whole process is going to go fast.  So, shoo your kidlings out of the kitchen, have someone set the table and make sure all of your food is ready, set, go because things have to be smooth sailing from here on out!  You with me?  Because the bananas form a kind of obstacle course for your batter to freely flow, you’re not going to have the most perfect circle of a pancake, but hey, once you serve up your two facer, have no fear, no one will even care.  I think it gives these yummy guys extra yummy character!  After all, it’s what inside that counts, right?


Okay… Here’s the deal.  The batter should be thick enough to have completely covered each of the bananas and once you can no longer see the bananas poking through, drop in as many blueberries as you want onto the tops of the wet batter, while in the meantime, those bananas are still cooking and caramelizing underneath.


Congratulations!  You just made the second face of this one-of-a-kind pancake!  (If you notice in the top picture with the ingredients I may have smuggled in some chocolate chips… if you want to get really crazy and kids deserve extra loving, you can treat them real nice and substitute the blueberries for chocolate chips.  These right here are the real deal, Ghirardelli brand!  Cook the exact same way and you, my friend just made toasted Banana with Chocolate Chip Pancakes!)

Right about now your pancakes should be nearly ready for flipping and those blueberries ready for cooking!  Give them each a careful flip and just admire how decadently beautiful that golden brown cake is with the shiny and caramel of the crisp banana flower dispersed throughout.


That kind of would almost be enough on its own, right?  Almost… but ladies and gents… one thing about little ‘ole me is that I don’t do things halfway.  A pancake with only one flavor?  No way… there’s 2 sides to every story, my friend, and 2 sides to every pancake.  Just about the time those pretty plump blueberries are ready to burst is the time you transfer those scrumptious looking flapjacks to a plate and get ready to partake!


Here was the hardest thing for me…  I legitimately couldn’t decide with side to serve it on… toasted banana or bursted blueberry.  I now, respectfully leave the decision in your hands.  Good luck…and enjoy your breakfast!


Toasted Banana and Blueberry Pancakes
Delicious breakfast sure to please the whole family!
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  1. Basic pancake recipe
  2. Cooking spray
  3. Blueberries
  4. Bananas
  5. Butter
  6. Powdered sugar
  1. Set griddle to low and spray generously with cooking spray
  2. Prepare pancake batter
  3. Slice bananas 1/2" thick and place on griddle in small circles ("flowers")
  4. Pour batter over bananas, fully covering the bananas, to form pancakes
  5. Drop blueberries on top of batter
  6. Flip pancakes when they start to bubble
  7. Remove when done and serve with butter and powdered sugar
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